Sunday, May 18, 2008


It seems fitting to start a blog exactly 365 days after I packed up my car and drove 1700 miles towards the pacific. The topic of this specific blog is just as fitting because less than 2 months from that day, I drove the same route in the opposite direction. As much as I wanted to start a brand new chapter of my life out west, it was very hard leaving my life behind.

I had planned, in my mind what I defined as an exodus, for almost a year before I left for "California." During that time, I just kept imagining a totally different life, different job, different friends, different scenery(no comparison, since Dallas completely lacks in this category), different experiences and lessons. But during my time out there, the correct opportunities never really presented themselves for me to even start the type of life I had been thinking about literally 24/7 for an entire year leading up to that point, and I was forced to come back for many reasons.

When I was coming back, I had so many different feelings and thoughts in my mind. I couldn't believe I was unable to land a single, real interview the whole time I was there. I experienced just a small sample of the great people and places out there, and found it quite "unfair" as I bid them farewell in my rear-view. I had plenty of feelings of failure upon my return. I felt I was taking such huge steps backwards returning to that same situation. But eventually, things started happening. I landed a job on the very first interview I went on, and 2 months after that, I accepted a different offer that I am very happy with. When the calendar flipped to '08, I got the best birthday present I could imagine. My beautiful second niece Maya was born on January 3rd. And in April, I moved into my own place. So now when I think back at that entire time period, only one thing comes to my mind. Timing is everything in life. I still do have wishful thoughts of being at a place with beautiful scenery and weather, and I miss people out there very much. And that won't change. The only way I can make sense of it all, is realize that it wasn't my time to live a life and enjoy everything the west coast has to offer. At least not yet. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful of the blessings that I have received since my return. Most importantly, being around my two nieces. I am so happy being back at this point in their lives. It would have killed me to miss seeing them "grow up."

So...compared to a year ago, I may know a bit more about what "tomorrow" will be like, but we never know what will happen exactly. However, believing that whatever comes my way is happening at the correct time, I have enough confidence that I will come out on top.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all my friends and family that went through these past couple years with me. I appreciate all the support and love you gave me every step of the way...


Busy Mama said...

You paint a perfect picture with your amazing writing! I am so happy that you are happy- things fell right into place for you and you deserve that!! Hooray for the bigger Jiger!!!!

Laurie said...

I love that you started a blog. You have a great way of expressing your thoughts and feelings on your experiences. Keep up the posts.

Lordy said...
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